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Hi everyone! I know it has been a while that I have been on this blog, but I have actually started a new blog with a new name. I hadn’t blogged on this one in so long and I just needed a fresh start so if you are interested in fashion and style and interested in seeing outfit posts, please follow me along on this journey and subscribe and comment on The Sheikha of Chic. Thank you so much for following me on this journey.

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Bold is beautiful 

I am obsessed with eyebrows. That’s a pretty strange statement, I know, but I love a good brow!! It frames your face and creates a beautiful base for your eye makeup. Now for those of us who aren’t as blessed with beautiful bold brows, it’s all good because that’s where the magic of makeup comes in and with the help of some products, we can achieve that look. I personally use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Wiz because even though I have brows, they’re very light, so I use the eyebrow whiz to just fill it in and give it a more of a bolder look. First, I use the spooly side and just comb through my brows and then trace it with the eyebrow wiz to give them more of a symmetrical look and then I go back in and fill them in starting from the middle of my eyebrow towards the end, with black eye shadow. I know that sounds kind of scary to be using shadow, but I use a very light hand and I feel that with the eyeshadow, it makes the color last longer. Then I use the Eyeko brow wax because it’s lightly tinted and it just combs through my brows to make sure everything is evenly distributed and brings the whole look together. Also, I want it to look as natural as humanly possible because brows that look too harsh are definitely not cute. So you have to find a balance of making sure that it’s not overbearing on your face and just enough. Also, everyone’s features are different so it all depends on what suits you, but for me I have noticed a big change in my brow game ever since I started using the brow wiz and if I could recommend any product that could be life changing in your brow routine it would be the brow wiz. I’ve noticed that even if I don’t have that much makeup on as soon as my brows are on point, it changes my whole face. Below are some images that I found inspiring and I left some links in case you wanted to purchase and have a little bit of brow magic of your own. XO

  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Eyeko Brow Gel

Benefit Gimme Brow

Spring Fever

So for those of you who have been stuck at work or school and haven’t had the time to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having in NYC, you’re not alone. Between work and class and the flu, I haven’t been able to get much sun lately, but thankfully it’s Spring, so that means, beautiful weather is on its way! Granted, for New Yorkers, the weather being in the 60’s is perfect beach weather, ok maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect, but you get my point. I love this time of year because the weather is warm enough, but not humid and hot and I love seeing all the Spring clothing out, all the beautiful colors and textures to get us out of Winter and into the warmer months. Beautiful colors like orange, blues, yellows, blush or rosy pink, stripes and lace and crochet, silky or textured and who can forget the very classic look of black and white. Especially white for the Spring and Summer looks amazing! Anyways with the weather getting warmer and the days longer, here is some inspiration of colors and textures that are inspiring my wardrobe this season. Let me know in the comments below what looks you’re excited to try out this Spring! XO



Birthday Wishes

So just in case, you guys didn’t get what the title was about, it’s my birthday today!!! I love celebrations and birthdays are some of my favorite events to celebrate. It’s another year for new experiences and spending time doing what you love with the people you care about. Looking back over the past year so much has changed and I was able to experience a lot of different things. I went on vacations (Niagara Falls, Lake George, Montreal and California), I started a new job, started working out, excelling in school, started reading more and being more creative and the list can go on. So now looking forward, I feel really blessed to have had such an amazing year and even more grateful to be able to spend it with family, new experiences and continue with achieving my goals. Lots of love and wishing everyone an amazing day! XO

Bday quote

New Beginnings

New Year, New Me? Lol, I say this every year and I usually keep at it until about February and then that’s when the resolutions become harder to keep. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that I put all my focus on long term goals and not as much focus on the short term goals to get me there. So I started a new tradition this year. I make short term goals for myself every month. I write about four or five goals for myself for the month and then see how much progress I made at the end of the month and then I know whether to work harder or find a different approach to getting closer to that goal. This month, I made four goals. Since I have taken Winter classes, one of my goals was to not procrastinate and to focus more on studying and retaining the information.#SchoolSuccess. Another goal of mine is to work out and be healthier. So instead of saying just lose weight, I focused on going to the gym three times a week and keeping a fitness diary, which is kind of like a food log to track what I am eating. My third goal was to put more effort into my blog; be creative and post consistently. Finally, my fourth goal was to focus and be open for new experiences. Whether that is new job opportunities, traveling, taking the time to spend quality time with people or just trying something new. I think it’s amazing to have goals and be driven, but there’s also something to be said about spontaneity and just letting yourself be present in the moment. So these are just some of my goals for the upcoming month. Comment below to let me know what are some of your goals for the upcoming month or year. xo


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Nude Luv

Hey guys,

So it’s Friday again and on Fridays I normally talk about people who influence me whether it’s their fashion sense or people who just live inspiring lives. A couple of days ago, I came across this image of a Kurdish pop singer called Helly Luv. She has flaming red hair and amazing makeup looks. Now I may not be able to pull off her red hair, but I have always been a fan of a smokey eye and since this look is a more “daytime appropriate” version, I am even more obsessed with it. She has a light wash of color on her lids, amazing falsies, and a pinky nude lip. I know it sounds very Kylie Jenner, but I feel like she brings a little bit of her bad ass personality to it. You can recreate some of her eye looks using a Maybelline gel eye liner and some Huda Beauty classic false eyelashes in Scarlett, oh yeah, and lots of mascara! Here are some more images of her makeup looks. Let me know which one you guys are most excited to try out! xo

Helly Luv closeupHelly Cat EyeHelly profile jordanianHelly profile smokeyHelly Red dressHelly ombreHelly luv silver hoops






Vamp is the New Black

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been randomly looking through Pinterest and I came across this picture of Dakota Johnson at the 2015 LACMA Art+Film Gala Honoring James Turrell and Alejandro G Iñárritu, presented by Gucci, held at LACMA on Saturday evening (November 7) in Los Angeles and she was wearing this marigold Gucci dress. She looked amazing, but what attracted me more to that picture was her lipstick color. It was so vampy and just beautiful for this season! That got me thinking over all the beautiful vampy beauty looks that have been popping up recently on social media or on celebrities. With the weather getting colder, you’re not only changing your outfits, but you can also change your makeup looks. Comment below to let me know what are some of your favorite beauty looks for this season. xo


lacma-dakota-johnsonMakeup jloMakeup VeronicaMakeup ChrissyMakeup KimMakeup asianMakeup Cara