Think Pink

Although, I am personally not a big fan of the color pink, lately I have been really getting into it! That partly has to do with the fact that different shades of pink are everywhere from light blush tones to high intensity fuchsias so there is a color in between those that anyone can gravitate towards. The beauty about the color pink is the innocence it gives to an outfit, Also, a lot of times you can see pink as kind of a neutral which can help with matching to a lot of items you probably already own but most importantly it gives longevity. How many times have you purchased items that were trendy, but did not really last for that long and it just ended up sitting in the back of your closet? I know I have and so lately I have been getting more into buying items that are somewhat trendy colors, but classy styles such as an Equipment silk button down that is in a blush color. I can wear it many different ways but yet keep it current because it is such a classic staple. So this spring season, lets think classy pink!

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