Motivational Mondays

Life is funny in the sense that it does not always go according to plan and you find yourself sometimes wondering why you are in the predicaments you are in. That does not mean you are not necessarily grateful for your life, but sometimes you may look at your life and feel something is missing. You know, growing up, everyone including myself, have moments of self doubt, but I think what we do when that moment arises, shows our strength and how much we can handle and I feel that those moments are necessary to truly understand who we are and to help us grow as individuals. You know being stylish does not only mean putting a couple of clothes on and trying to match them but it is about taking your life in stride, the good, bad and even sometimes the ugly (trust me, I have some old pics and fashion faux pas of when I was younger and let me tell you I am still wondering why anyone let me go out of the house looking like that) but whatever experiences I have faced it has only helped me become the person that I am today, flaws and all! These are some motivational quotes that I look to whenever I feel like I am going through mid twenties crisis and helps me put things in perspective. Hope these are inspirational for you as well.


Inspirational quote Travel

Inspirational quotes dare

Inspirational quotes Green

Inspirational quotes Standing alone

Inspirational quotes uncomfortable

Inspirational quotes success

Inspirational quotes understatement


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