Blazers for Days

Everyone has that one piece of item that they always seem to buy a lot of. For some it may be, white t-shirts or jeans or whatever, but for me it seems to be blazers. I have so many blazers in every color and style you can imagine that it is borderline becoming an addiction problem. I have it in the colors: black, white, navy, green, fuchsia, purple, cheetah print, jacquard print, plaid, blush and burgundy and even though I have way more than I really need, I can’t seem to stop buying them. For me, it’s because I find them so versatile. You can wear them with so many different things, for so many different occasions, dress them up or down and I just think they are so flattering on the body because they add a bit of structure to any outfit, give that hourglass shape and you can literally wear it with everything! You can wear it with a dress, a skirt, pants, jeans and even shorts in the warmer months and what draws me to it is because it is such an easy piece to wear. Currently for Fall, I’m really craving and on the lookout for a gray almost charcoaly blazer and also a beautiful red blazer because I think it would be that nice pop of color during the colder months. Here are some images that inspired me and hopefully help you find the right blazer to match your own unique style.


gucci leather

Kim K Black dressed down

houndstooth blazer

Olivia Palermo burberry brn

brooklyn-blonde-burgundy blazer

jamie-chung red blazer phone

Miroslava Duma Cobalt

Damsel In Dior white blazer

* Some links to blazers that I’m obsessing over!

Supertrash Black Jaguar Jacket

Aritzia Charcoal Blazer

Forever 21 Red Linen Blazer

Zara Black Blazer with Silver Zippers

Forever 21 Burgundy Textured Blazer

Zara Raspberry Pink Blazer

Zara Red One Button Blazer

H&M Black/ White Checked Blazer

BCBG Alpine Green Blazer









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