Oh, Blake

When thinking about fashion icons, it’s hard to imagine that Blake Lively wouldn’t be one of the top contenders on that list. I know that she had been in the public eye before Gossip Girl, but I think during and then after that show is when her fashion sense really evolved into what it is today. Lately with her promo tour, for The Age of Adaline (which I’m dying to see), she has been back on the scene and reminds us all that she is still one of fashion’s fiercest. The way she tells a story with the way she dresses, from her clothes to her accessories, makes it a joy to watch and get inspired by for a fashion obsessed person like me! Although she has had a lot of top style moments over the years, these are some that stand out and inspire me!


Blake-lively-met-ball champagne


Blively_Gucci_ ad back

BL-v-neck-dress preggo

blake-lively-cannes blk white


Blake+Lively+yellow blk


blake mk tan

blake powder blu

blake blazer white



"New Haven Can Wait" Pictured: Blake Lively as Serena Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW © 2008 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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