Maxi Mondays

With the weather heating up in NYC and my hijab not giving me enough air ventilation, I turn to the next best thing: free-flowing clothes that allow me to breath and not feel that I am going to have a heat stroke. The only problem with that is sometimes that can make a curvy girl look a little frumpy. So, I usually turn to maxi dresses especially because they are so easy to wear and versatile. Just throw on a cardigan or a jean jacket and it’s effortless and gives you the ability to move without feeling so constricted. Also, it’s something that can be used for both day or night. During the day, maybe you want to wear it with sandals or flats and at night you can dress it up with strappy heels and a light blazer for a night out look. Recently, I was online window shopping and I saw this dress that reignited my love for maxis all over again. I don’t know if you guys ever experience this feeling, but sometimes when I see an item of clothing or a certain accessory that I like all of a sudden everything in my closet somehow manages to match with it. It’s like this whole process in my head that makes me start quoting Rihanna, like where have you been all my I the only one that does that? Anyways, so I saw this Iris and Ink stripped silk maxi dress on and that Rihanna moment just popped into my head! I was like this dress is so versatile, I can wear it day, night, to the park, on vacation, to family gatherings, to work, to school, at home, when walking my the end of this convo with myself it started getting a little crazy. Apparently, I thought I was a celebrity because walking my dog while wearing a long maxi dress with heels is something that obviously happens in my everyday life. So jokes aside, most likely not going to wear that dress while walking my dog, but you get my point. That being said, it inspired me to start looking for more maxis to bring into my wardrobe. So below, I have a couple of maxi options and images that may inspire you to start incorporating some into your wardrobe. So have fun shopping and comment below to let me know if you guys experience that Rihanna moment as well or am I totally standing alone?

Maxi iris and ink

maxi Black short sleeve

Maxi tart orangeblue

maxi streetstyle yellowgrn

maxi miranda kerr

maxi white embroidery

maxi rachel zoe

maxi blkwhite bcbgmaxi striped no sleeve blkwhiteMaxi milano

maxi pink purpleMaxi Cobalt 1

Maxi redwhiteblue,default,pd.html?dwvar_LDY60D69-001_color=001&cgid=sale-final-cut-dresses#start=8


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