Olivia P.

So lately, I’ve been in such a rut when it comes to dressing. I keep wearing a black top (different black blouses, but all very similar), dark J Brand jeans, black perforated flats, black hijab and a polka dotted bag. Some call it minimal, I feel like I’m in a rut. It’s not so much the colors, it’s how I look at my closet and all I see is the same kind of black top and jeans even though my closet is basically busting at the seams with clothes. Granted the weather has been extremely weird in NYC lately, (very hot and humid then it was raining and then chilly and now back to hot) and I’ve been fasting but I don’t think it would hurt to liven things up with a little bit more effort. So, I look to someone who masters dressing in such an elegant way. Effortless but classy with mixes of high and low fashion. I’m sure many people are aware of her, but for those of you who don’t know which NYC style icon I’m speaking about, Olivia Palermo. The way her name rolls off your tongue, is somewhat like her style. Effortless but always luxurious. From the trends she follows to her classic investment pieces to the way she puts her stamp on menswear, she is always inspiring to watch. Here are some images that inspired me and I hope that it helps you as well whenever you’re feeling like you’re falling into a rut! Please email subscribe and comment below on what looks are your favorite!

Olivia-Palermo-Feb-07-14 dvf fur

OP Blk cap sleeve

OP blk red dress

OP Blu shirtdress

OP burberry

OP Cape

OP ethnic taxi

OP floral dress

OP fringe

OP fur coat navy

op fur skirt

OP gray vest on gray

OP headscarf

OP houndstooth


OP lace  and vest

OP navy dress

OP navy suit

OP patterned coat

OP scarf vest dress

OP White blazer

OP white coat

OP white vest blk pants

OP white dog


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