Miroslava Duma

So as many of you know, I love being on Pinterest to the point where it’s becoming a little bit of an addiction! I love it because you’re able to see so many different trends, home decor styles, quotes, places to travel, different types of recipes, fashionable people and many other things all in one place. One person, who I seem to see a lot of when pinning is Miroslava Duma and I have become obsessed with her style! Granted, I might not be able to pull off some of her looks in the way that she does, but I still love the way she pairs different shapes and colors together. Her style is intriguing to me because she’s fearless in the way she dresses and she’s not afraid to push boundaries and break rules when it comes to fashion. Although her style is sometimes bordering on being trendy, I love the way she mixes it together with very classic silhouettes, for example, she’ll wear a gold bedazzled pencil skirt with a blazer or she’d wear culottes and a vest but all in cream so it looks streamlined. Little updates like that can really elevate your style and it doesn’t always have to be a piece of clothing, you can be trendy with your accessories or even your makeup. The juxtaposition of combining different pieces is what can personalize and take your style to the next level. So, I hope that you find some of her looks inspiring and comment below to let me know which Miroslava looks are your favorite and what fashion icon inspires you. xo

Mira bejewled crownMira long leather coatdress

Mira thigh high boots blackMira black jumpsuitMira italian blackMira bowler hat brownmiro red blazerMira suede silk chadarMira mustard coatMira forest green jumpsuitMira missoni coatMira Duma green bedazzled skirtMiroslava Duma style hot pink coat

Mira blue trenchMira cobalt skirtMira patterned blazerMiroslava-Duma-pastel-yellow-coatMira brown floral skirtMira black and white furMira bf jeansMira cream coatMira creme and bedazzled goldMira creme outfitMira cream skirt blazer


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