New Beginnings

New Year, New Me? Lol, I say this every year and I usually keep at it until about February and then that’s when the resolutions become harder to keep. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that I put all my focus on long term goals and not as much focus on the short term goals to get me there. So I started a new tradition this year. I make short term goals for myself every month. I write about four or five goals for myself for the month and then see how much progress I made at the end of the month and then I know whether to work harder or find a different approach to getting closer to that goal. This month, I made four goals. Since I have taken Winter classes, one of my goals was to not procrastinate and to focus more on studying and retaining the information.#SchoolSuccess. Another goal of mine is to work out and be healthier. So instead of saying just lose weight, I focused on going to the gym three times a week and keeping a fitness diary, which is kind of like a food log to track what I am eating. My third goal was to put more effort into my blog; be creative and post consistently. Finally, my fourth goal was to focus and be open for new experiences. Whether that is new job opportunities, traveling, taking the time to spend quality time with people or just trying something new. I think it’s amazing to have goals and be driven, but there’s also something to be said about spontaneity and just letting yourself be present in the moment. So these are just some of my goals for the upcoming month. Comment below to let me know what are some of your goals for the upcoming month or year. xo


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