It is so important to be able to do what we love. When hearing it, at first, we might feel that it is common sense and of course why would people not be doing what they love, but surprisingly sometimes it is difficult to take that advice. Growing up, we sometimes can be so consumed with how we think our lives should be because of other people’s standards that we can sometimes second guess our own decisions and make choices that are not necessarily something that we are passionate about. It may seem easier to take a “comfortable” route because we fear judgement, rejection or even vulnerability. I know first hand that following your passions can be very scary and being vulnerable isn’t always easy, but that is where the beauty lies and that is where you grow and find out how hard you are willing to go for the things or people you hold close and love. Your passion and your fire is what will help drive you and remind you that you are an inspiration so let that be your message to the world and do what you love.


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